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BCS Concert! :-)

After a long day of work yesterday, I got to chill out and attend(not work!) the Brick City Singers Annual Night of A Cappella! (Thanks for the URL, tom. :-P ) And although they had some problems(groups canceling due to weather, technical problems with the video, etc).... the show was still awesomeX! :-)

Boston Dynamics were very good, I'm listening to their CD right now. I'm always impressed when a group can pull it off when they are co-ed.

And Savoir Faire. Wow. I want to BE THEM! That was so cool, the first song they did, the vp-ist was AWESOME. I want to be her. She won "hot-lips" for the past two years! The coolest part was that, not only does she do VP, but she also had a solo! Talk about versatility. :-)

Much coolness ensued. :-) BCS took the stage last... man, I love you guys! KICK ASS! The first song they did was a bit weak.. I don't remember what it was, a new one, but they opened the show with it. It was lacking energy and it seemed a bit hallow.. but then, I don't remember what the song was, so many the original version sounds like that? *shrug* But other than that first song, BCS kicked some major ass. :-) You go, boyz. hehe... Voodoo was great! Go Daniel! And I didn't even think about who would do the solo... and it was a pleasant surprise to see that Dave(Campbell) did it. Very nice. It sounded really good... and it looked good, too. :-)

The audience rocked, too. :-) Standing O's all over the place! Everyone was very energetic. It was gnifty. :-) So proud of you guys! :-)

The After Party was fun. Didn't stay very long though, 'cuz Daniel had to leave to call his parents or something and they were my ride. I would have stayed longer to watch the silly people play the silly games. It was entertaining... didn't even get to dance all that much, oh well. It was nifty 'cuz the 8-beat guys hosted it(kinda, it was at Copp's place, but I think BCS bought the food and stuff). A Cappella Groups Unite! *yea*ness! :-)

I woke up this morning with a moderate headache. The stupid moron I am, I said I'd help with set stuff(for players) this morning, so I got up and was at Ingle @ 10. No one was there. I was the first one there. Why does this always happen? Roger(Freeman, director) showed up next and eventually I got sent with this other dude(Dan something) from the Play Production class to get props. Why? I thought ... whatever. I give up. But I am NOT getting roped into doing anything else with this freakin' production. blah. so there. We got about 3/5 of the props for about 50 bucks. Not bad, I guess. I still have to make a few phone calls on Monday about Fire Extinguishers. Anyone know where I could get two or three to use as props? Anyone? Anyone?

Well, now I'm exhausted. I haven't really even gotten to do anything yet today. I don't have very much work to do this weekend. I think I'm just going to chill for the rest of the day. So there.
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