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Scleroderma Walk!

I just want to say that Ginny Orzel rocks! She pulled this whole thing together and it went so well! We rasied somewhere in the neighboorhood of $5,000!!!!! *yea* A big thanks goes out to everyone that helped out, walked, and raised money! *yea* US! \/\/007! I might even win a raffle or something... I'm really glad I got up early(7:30!!!) to help out... Ginny's sister and father even came down from MONTANA(Atleast, that's where her sister is, I didn't catch where her father is from) to see the event! Everyone is so proud of Ginny and when her sister spoke, the whole crowd was moved to tears. We made a big difference today. It feels good. It helped that the weather is AWESOME! Just a bit nippy... 'cuz of the wind(the big balloons were attacking me!! *AAHHHH!*), but the sun is shinning brightly and was keeping our backs nice and warm. I think I even got a bit red under my eyes from the sun reflecting off of my glasses..... hehehe... A lot of fun was had by all. The event was a BIG SUCCESS! Wwwwwweeee! And now time for homework. :-)
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