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I'm the only one insane enough...

Okay. New game. I'm going to finish this phrase:
"I'm the only one insane enough...."
-- to pay $5 to go to an NTID event
-- to go because a guy that I have a major crush on asked me to go
-- to basically pay $5 to follow Scott around the SAU full of deaf people looking for an interpreter
-- to leave for the "party" at 2am...
-- to have just gotten back um, 5 minutes ago.
-- to be up this freakin' last when I woke up at 7:30am... SATURDAY morning...
-- to have a slight inclination to work on homework instead of going to bed... after all, I'm going to sleep in ... who wants to do work after that?
-- to draft up an e-mail about 50 times on the way back to Scott telling him stuff.
-- to not send him an e-mail anyway... maybe
-- to decide not to make this entry private.. and if someone wants to tell Scott, it's perfectly fine with me!
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