Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Vote for SG President and you will be heard!

(cross posted from rit)

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know about the Student Government elections that started today. If you haven't heard, Jared Campbell and Scott Andrews are running as write-ins. (Their website is Running as a write-in takes a lot of time, effort and dedication and Jared and Scott have all three. Both have been working diligently with Student Government this year. This is important, because they know their way around and will not have to waste time learning procedures and the like. Also, both Jared and Scott will be concentrating solely on their positions if elected. Just ask Erick Littleford, our current president, to be part of an effective government, you must be completely dedicated to your position and the people that you are representing.

And the best part about voting for Student Government leaders is you don't have to go anywhere except:

Get voting!

(Side note: The current SG President and Vice President, Erick Littleford and Mike Maloney, were elected as write-ins last year!)
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