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Okay. My dreams were extremely vivid. Here we go.

I was doing stuff in the RITreat with SG. I was playing with a toy that Merry Waters had (that I used to have as a kid). It was a play-doh thing that made the little toy guy grow play-doh hair. Then I walked some place with Heather. We walked through a very large grocery store and looked at all the food. We were allowed to take whatever we wanted, but we weren't hungry for anything that they had(even though they seemed to have everything). Then we were walking along and it was dark and kinda spooky, like something bad was going to happen. There was this guy on a pogo stick and we thought that it was pretty cool, 'til he angled the pogo stick so that he would jump at full strength into a brick wall... and rip the cord off of the nearby pay phone at the same time... Several people did this all around us at the same time. Heather rushed over to one of them to see if he was dead, but he just barely wasn't and he attacked her. I screamed at her to run, but she wasn't fast enough... she got away anyway. We couldn't find any phones that worked to call the cops. We started walking into this deserted area and then we were thinking that if anyone tried to do anything to us, we would be in trouble because we didn't have anything to hit them with. Just then 3-4 policemen came strolling up to us from different sides. There was something eerie about that, but I couldn't figure out what until I realized there was a guy (that I've seen before) standing there pointing a gun at me. Heather was to the guy's left and the 3 policemen were to his right... we were in a sort-of-circle. I put my hands up in the air because the police hadn't seemed to see him with the gun. Then I talk him into not killing me.... I said stuff about God not wanting him to do it, it not being worth it... stuff about the after-life, his life now, got him talking about what was bothering him.. all the meanwhile I'm thinking about how to get the gun away from him and how to move so that the bullet wouldn't hit any vital organs if he shot at me. It was very freaky. I woke up then and it was about 5:15.

Started out like going to Blast. Dan had to show up, before Heather could follow him and he doesn't have a cell phone, so we didn't know where he was. When he finally showed up, I switched cars and then he blocked Heather into Stealth lot. For some reason there was a ton of traffic coming past stealth lot so we couldn't get out. Then we went to club day. Dan dropped me off to find a parking spot. Scott was helping me with the table, but Jared kept stealing him away to do campaigning stuff. Dan showed up and I had him go to get the banner and things because we didn't have anything but a few quarter page flyers. I'm not sure how, but I discovered that I needed to rescue my mom, sister, brother, and a talking frog from my Father. I don't know why I knew this, but they were all trapped in a hotel room in the building where the club day was. It was very strange. After a lot of maneuvering and such, we managed to sneak everyone out... it was like a video game. The frog was really cool, because he was a good decoy. At one point I had to swim across a river or a channel or something... very strange. But in the end, Dan backed his Jimmy down the hallway and my mom jumped into the back and then we took off and brought them to my Grandparents house where they would be safe. Then we left for Blast. Finally. I don't know how we weren't late. :-P



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