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SG Banquet

.... after much deliberation, I finally decided to go. I definitely made the right decision. Heather dropped me off at the RIT Inn after church/dinner(Thank you, dear). I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked and finally found the banquet hall.... .FULL of people. When I got there, Gospel Ensemble was performing. I thought I'd be standing up by the doors all night, but then I saw Mehak sitting next to a bunch of empty chairs at her tables! Score! So, I got to sit with Mehak, Chris(Stiltson), Jessica(from SG bookkeeping) and Mike(from Jazz band), and this other dude who I don't know who he was. Apparently Bob had just left to go to soccer, so I didn't feel bad about being an extra person there. I had to keep telling the wait staff not to give me food, though... I was stuffed from earlier. The only thing I missed was the introduction of the Executive Cabinet... and that wasn't a big deal, since I know them. I'm not going to list off all of the awards and all of the winners(They should be posted on SG's website sometime tomorrow), but I will hit a few of the highlights.
~ Erick Littleford is amazing and will be missed
~ Greeks were there in large numbers, next year will be interesting
~ Found out that Ryan Giglia will be working with CAB next year and the new SG advisor is Molly McGwen(Sp?)
~ Kathy Hall is awesome. But we already knew that.
~ Erick made his last speech as Student Government President.
~ Jeff Hering won Advisor of the Year
~ Gospel Ensemble won Programming Club of the Year
~ Habitat For Humanity won Community Service Club of the Year
~ The Information Technology Department got the Extra Mile Award! *yea*

Lots of fun was had by all... especially during the SG Channel year-in-review... how many times was Erick shown in drag? Probably too many. hehe... Fun stuff. And like I said before, next year will be interesting. I'm starting to regret my decision to not run for E-board for next year. *shrug* Oh well... there are plenty of other ways to be involved.



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