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Another week...

Well, another week has gone by. I'm still without a co-op for the summer and it looks like I'm working at chocolate world for the summer. I'm going to make some phone calls this week(when my voice comes back!) to a few places at home. I also want to call Bausch and Lomb again and see if they have filled their spots yet... maybe I can force them into giving me an interview.... I think they are my last chance at being in Rochester this summer. *sigh*

But aside from that, the quarter is winding down. I've got a major project for both Web Design and Music Theory. I've got 2 out of 3 melodies written for Theory; they just have to be harmonized... and I can do that at work tonight. I don't know what to do about the middle section... I really hate writing 4 part harmonies... they are just so limiting. blah.... and with Web Design, well, I have no idea where to start. I have a few ideas of what I might do, but we have no specs or anything... I don't know what she expects of us... and we still haven't gotten our grades back from the midterm... actually, we've only had one grade in there thus far... I could be freakin' failing and I wouldn't know... well maybe not, the one grade was an A... but still... who knows? Grr! I'm really getting upset with the prof about this.

oh! And then I still have to see a musical and write a paper about it.... At this point, I'm thinking Rags at the Blackfriars Theatre or I love you, your perfect, now change at the Downstairs Cabaret. I think Rags would be better... but we shall see. And I think I have to see it this Saturday if I want to have more than a day to write the paper(although, when do I actually take more than a day to write a paper?). I have to look up when it is due. I'm way to freakin' busy.

Which brings up the question, if I'm so busy, how have I spend the last 15 minutes writing this entry(more like 30, but I was searching for musicals in there, too)... AHHHH! Grr! Frustration! blah.

I need a vacation.
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