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Okay, tonight I was feeling bad 'cuz I'm @ home and I wasn't able to go to the Elmira game vs. RIT! .... but the Hershey Bears made up for it in an awesome game against the Phantoms(Philly). 2-1 in OT... very exciting... I think I blew a lung... about 7,000 in attendance... much more than @ Ritter! Plus-- when I got home I ran to the computer and checked the score for the RIT game..... 2-1 over ELMIRA!!!!! Freaking AWESOME! I'm soooo happy! This means that I will have to make sure that I'm up for Friday night... somehow, someway... and someone will have to get me tickets for the games too.... hhhhmmm.... :-P *happy sigh* Good stuff. Hockey is great! What are we going to do when the season's over? Maybe get together and watch some NHL action... or find some other sport? Nah.... :-P hehehe... I wonder what everyone did after the RIT game... 'cuz no one is on-line yet... hhhhmmm....
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