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I really need to stop this.

I'm insane. thanks a lot, people.

It's the screen name that I use for everything... started out when we first got *gasp* AOL... my dad has a Tenth Anniversary Zeinith Dodson sports car... TenthZ. :-)
3. NAME ALL MEMBERS OF THE BEATLES: John(Lennon), Paul(McCartney), GEORGE(Harrison), and Ringo(Starr).

4. WHAT'S THE LONGEST TIME YOU'VE STAYED OUT OF THE COUNTRY/WHERE? Um.. a few days in Canada. nothing major

5. ONE THING YOU'RE GRATEFUL FOR, TODAY? today? That I'm not dead.

6. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY? Probably dinner at Toyko Dinner before Prom senior year.

7. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM WEDDING: Depends who's paying and who the guy is.... I could go for a small thing at the town hall to a big thing at Notre Dame. :-)

8. MY FIRST HEARTBREAK HAPPENED WHEN I WAS: Probably in 1st grade when I liked Kent Pierce, a 4th grader. I was devistated. :-P


10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG RIGHT NOW? Right now? Anything from South Pacific

11. WRITE A LINE FROM ANY SONG. "how could I forget that I had given her an extra key?"

12. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM HOUSE: Vaulted ceilings.

13. YOUR TYPICAL SLEEPWEAR: undies only. 'less it's cold, then I go for what I wear around the house.

14. WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET? cash, weggies card, visa, borders card, sears card, etc, etc.

15. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR WALLET RIGHT NOW? too far away to easily check.. $40ish?

16. TELL US ABOUT ANY OF YOUR BIRTHDAYS: 1st grade. Zack Jackson ate a napkin and Joe Kenney wore an outfit completely hot pink(hat, shirt, shorts, socks, bellybag).. and I STILL had a crush on him. :-P

17. WHAT ARE THE FIRST FIVE THINGS YOU WOULD SPLURGE ON IF YOU WERE A BILLIONAIRE? Car(E320 Merc. Benz), Perminant residence, completely electronic sound system, Clothes! , and pay for all my mp3s :-P

18. WHAT IS YOUR DAILY BEFORE-GOING-TO-BED RITUAL? brush teeth --> undressed --> computer --> set alarm --> turn off light --> bed.

19. WHAT IS THE WEIRDEST/FUNNIEST NICKNAME ANYONE HAS EVER CALLED YOU? In 7th grade some of my 'friends' thought I looked like a cabbage patch kid... so that's what they called me... it got shortened to "cabbage" and then to "cab" and by then it made no sense. like it ever did.


1. What do you most like about your body?: It still works.

2. And least?: it gets sore too easily.

3. How many fillings do you have?: none

4. Do you think you're good looking?: hellz, yeah. ;-P

5. Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?: Not particularly

6. Do you look like any celebrities?: nope. but I look like people's friends from H.S.


1. Do you wear a watch?: ALL THE TIME. Religiously.

2. how many coats and jackets do you own?: 3 up here, 3 at home.

3. Favorite pants color?: khaki!

4. Most expensive item of clothing?: my prom dress. only wore it once. great investment.

5. Most treasured item of clothing?: Can't think of something meaningful

6. What kind of shoes do you wear?: preferably, none. sneakers, black boots, sandels.

7. Describe your style in one word: crisp


1. Do your friends 'know' you?: Some of them. If they listen.

2. What do they tend to be like?: Caring, crazy, fun... um... musically inclined... I don't think I could classify 'cuz they're all so different.

3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?: uhh... no clue what this means.

4. How many people do you tell everything to?: only a select few... a number? 4.

5. How many people tell you everything?: I don't know what everything is, so um... 2?


1. Are you in a relationship right now?: define: 'relationship'

2. Rate it on a scale from 1-10:

3. How 'far' have you been?: ever? The whole way.

4. What song reminds you of your special someone?: lots of them. Halleluijah=rohde... can't think of any others off the top of my head.

5. Have you ever loved a person so much that it hurt?: oh, yes.

6. How many people do you say 'I love you' to on a daily basis?: not enough. depends how often I talk to my mom and sister.

7. Have you ever cheated on your significant other?: no.

8. If not, would you ever if given the chance with the guy/girl of your dreams?: depends. possibly.


1. Favorite band/singer ever? : couldn't possibly choose.

2. Most listened to bands/singers?: oh no.

3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: I don't look at them, I listen to them. But then there is BCS... hehehe

4. Can you play an instrument?: Yeah... not well or anything, though.

5. Type of music most listened to?: showtunes/alternative.

6. Type never listened to?: Never? I've grown away from classical.. it's sad.

7. Favorite books?: How about authors? DeLillo. Doctorow. Chabon. My Gods. :-)


1. Ladies, do you like to wear thongs?: No.
2. If so, why?:
3. Boxers or Briefs?: for me or him? Briefs. :-)
5. What is the nicest colour for underwear?: umm... it's either underclothes or on the floor.. who cares?
6. Do you find it uncomfortable without a bra?: During the day? Yes.
7. Do your bras fit properly?: Yes.
8. Do you ever wear a vest?: no
9. Do you make it a habit of showing people your underwear?: a habit? I wouldn't say so.


1. Do you detest religion?: No.
2. How do you think this universe was formed (explain in detail)?: Dah. Think God meets the Big Bang. Maybe God was playing with explosives again. :-P
3. If you currently follow a religion, do you think people who belong to another religion are ignorant?: no.
4. If you were in a hostage situation, and you were given a choice, to either praise the demon they follow or die, what would you choose?: Die.


1. What is the first thing you think when you see two gay guys or lesbians holding hands?: umm... don't stare.

2. Do you detest homosexuality?: Detest is a strong word. it makes me uncomfortable, though.

3. Do you agree or disagree with gay or lesbian couples bringing up children?: I think children's lives are the most important. they should have loving parents... no matter their genders.


1. Whom do you believe is the smartest man alive at the moment?: um. *shrug*

2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: Sun after rain.

3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: Yes.

4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?: Very much so.

5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: cheerful

6. What are you afraid of?: not being loved.

7. What (or who), in your opinion, could you not live without?: music.

8. If you had to choose, would you rather die in pain or die alone?: That's a tough one...

9. Five bands/singers that you couldn't live without: Can't do that.

10. Two people that have influenced your life the most: My parents. :-D

11. One thing you could spend the rest of your life with: one thing? music? :-)

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