Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Uummm... okay.

Something is weird with LJ. My Journal Options are being ignored, except for my override(which I just changed to make sure SOMETHING was working). Hmmm.... maybe it will go back with time, otherwise, it's just weird... I should spend some time today or tomorrow making a new style to take advantage of this whole paid user thing. And now I'm kinda rattled.... stupid thing...

On the plus side, it's supposed to be 74 degrees and *crosses fingers* gorgeous again today... although, I will only be able to enjoy it when I'm walking from one building to the next, but hey, that's better than nothing....
HF Final: 8-10
Screenings: - 'til Eugene's 1-Qt is shown.
Lunch of sorts?
Meeting with Merry and Heather: 2:30
Work 'til 4pm. (cindi, I'll walk home with you! :-) )
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