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Okay, yesterday was very eventful. I was woken up(and so was the rest of the apt) by my favourite person(now!) calling to offer me a co-op at Lucent Technologies. The funny thing is the only way that they know me is through my resume. They want to hire me solely on my resume. That is insane.

But I told him I would let him know because I had an interview with Xerox this afternoon(2:45) and I wanted to keep my options open.

A big gigantic Thanks and *HUG* to quilynn for driving me to Webster for my interview.... it went very well, and it was one of the most fun interviews that I've had, but they aren't planning on making a decision until Friday or Monday.... um, that's kinda late. So I have to tell them no-way-Jose when I e-mail them. Too bad, but hopefully that would work for next time around.

So, I'm going to be working for Lucent Technologies(Murray Hill, NJ) this summer. Which is great. I won't have to pay rent. I'll be living with my Grandparents(N. Caldwell, NJ) and I will be "waited on hand and foot"(says my mother) by my Grandma... at the same time these are the cons:
1) No Ethernet
2) No Air Conditioning
3) No Cable connection
4) No Dial-up
5) No Internet. period.

I'm going to have to do something about that... anyone know of any DECENT free ISPs? Nationally or regionally? I need something that I can terminate without paying out the wazzu. (sp?).

But anyway, that's my day. And now I'm really tired and I should have started packing 'cuz now my room is covered with stuff. blah. anyone have any boxes for me to use? (yes, Paul, I could find some myself, but I'm lazy like that)

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