Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

To Do:

1) Read on-line forms for accepting the Lucent job so that I can ask questions when I....
2) Call Hugh and let him know I accept. Ask questions and make sure that I have all information that I need from him about co-op application, too.
3) Registar my co-op... online, at the registrars, and IT Building if nessasary
4) Talk to houseing people and let them know that I won't need summer housing.
5) E-mail Xerox. hahahaha
6) E-mail Choc. World.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! HA!
7) E-mail my father and let him know he needs to bring up the cooler... we have to go to DiBella's, too! :-D
8) Shopping or something to get stuff(AAA batteries and tape) for rose sale
9) Work. at some point. I don't know what to tell Jeff.
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