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My first fax and complications

Wow. this is insane.

I faxed my first fax today. Very interesting... got through, I think, but the person that I sent it to is out of the office today, so I have to make sure that I call her tomorrow to confirm that she got it. And then I called the 800 number at Lucent for the Health people... who took my last name and then TOLD me my first name, soc. number, and some other stuff. I was completely floored. I'm already in their system! Go me! So, after much confusion and explaining of my situation, I've got an appointment for tomorrow... someplace on Winton Road... close, so that's good. And I've just got to get the info for the oncampus paper work and such. Hopefully I'll actually get to talk to Hugh tomorrow to get some things sorted out.... need to find out proper attire and such so I can go shopping while I'm home. *woo-hoo* Co-op! :-)
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