Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Movin' Out!

It was crazy... but some how everything got into the van... A miricle packing job on my father's part. The ride back was actually quite enjoyable. I drove 'til we got to the new Tioga visitors center(Very nice!) and Dad drove the rest of the way down... didn't rain very much at all... we got lucky... it was definitely threatening.

I got home to alter flowers on the kitchen table.. my parents dedicated them to me since my birthday is coming up... I almost screamed when I saw them... but I avoided it... The ferns were the exact same kind from the rose sale... blah(They even had spores on them...hehe). I'd been eating all day, so I was hungry, but everyone else had their subs and we had a lovely dinner....

Yesterday I got to drive my car around(Correction: Buick LeSabre... I knew it was an old person's car... I was off by one price bracket. :-P) It drives very nicely... strange thing is that it goes without having your foot on the gas... I haven't figured that out yet....

Did some major shopping, I'm getting a new wardrobe for my birthday... :-) I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses and a funky skirt(one of those diagonally cut asymetrical things... I don't know what I'll wear it with yet. :-P )

I went to see Lindsay last night(driving in a new car by myself! Woo-hoo!) I was blasting the radio and had the windows down.. quite amusing. I saw Amanda and her mom on the way over to Lindsays... I got to lindsays around 3 and didn't leave 'til after 8pm... heheh... we had a lot of catching up to do. Then I saw Annie Africa running with her parents... I think I scared her when I drove up... but that was exciting.

Today I'm up for getting a hair cut and more shopping... I also want to get a discman (car only has a tape player! =-O ) and check out prices for a piano keyboard... all up in one direction.

So that's everything so far...I think... I'm going to try and get the free AOL thing while I'm at my grandparents.. I know it's evil, but I figure I'll cheat them out of their time... MWAHAHAHAHA... two can play at the game of evil-ness...

My brother just came in to say good bye to me(he's off to school) and I had the new strong bad e-mail open... He said, "Oh.. Strong Bad, save that for me so that I can watch it later." Dude! I never told him about strong bad(and strong bad wasn't even on the screen at the time... wewud.) Interesting.. yet another thing that my brother and I have in common(he got this rockin' Electronic Hogwarts castle last night... now that he's left, I get to play with it!). Okay, gotta make some phone calls...

I'm outta here! :-) I miss everyone! :-)
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