Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

And so it goes:

Well, I'm outta here again. I got a bunch of nifty things for my birthday: AAA membership, a cell phone, a white Buick LeSabre, a car vac.... all kinds of un-useful things. :-P hehe..... Anyway, so we are off to NJ this afternoon. Driving directly to Lucent from PA and then driving to my grandparents house from Lucent in rush hour traffic. Ironically the point of the trip is to make sure that we don't miss rush hour in Murray Hill. hehe... very backwards. Everyone has been posting like crazy and I don't have time to read them! I'll catch up when I'm online *crosses fingers* at my grandparents house! I haven't even gotten a chance to read sluggy since I've been home! Craziness! Okay, back to packing! :-)
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