Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Livejournal isn't blocked from work! \/\/007!

I'm waiting on a phone call from my mentor/co-worker(Nancy) so that we can review what I'm going to be working on for the next few weeks....

Hey, I bet this makes absolutely NO SENSE if you haven't talked to me in a while... haha.

Yesterday was my first day working at Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ. I got an id badge and a laptop! I'm allowed to bring it home and stuff... I even have an office that I share with one other intern(there are three desks, a bunch of filing cabinets and BIG WINDOWS right that are right over my desk!) It's so great... this morning I left at 7am and was in my office before 8.. I had my e-mail set up before Nancy was even in the office. :-) I thought I'd be able to post a full report of yesterday's events but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I got a service called for dial-up internet access from my grandparents house, so I should be on tonight! :-) Probably after 9pm... but don't forget you can still call my cell phone.. .and if you really want to hear from me you can e-mail me at my lucent address:
germann at lucent dot com
that's to deter the spammers... just what I would need is to start getting e-mails for viagra at work... hehe... well, she still hasn't called and we were supposed to have a meeting at 11, but that's probably not going to happen... I think she's troubleshooting some problems. They just put a new intranet site on-line yesterday afternoon and they are having some minor problems... I just just wish I knew more about the site so that I could help.. it's more difficult to troubleshoot a site like this if you weren't involved in how it was created.

So. Whatelse. My office mate is very cool, he's helped me out with a bunch of stuff since he started here last week, he knows the ropes! :-) It's very helpful; especially when Nancy said, go set up your computer and then left. hehe... I didn't know where to start so Kapir got me the handbook and showed me how to screw it up so that when I called the tech support people they would just netmeeting into my computer and do it for me. :-D *yea*

*yea* for livejournal... I'm afraid to start reading my friends page, because then I'm sure Nancy will call me. d'oh... we will see... hope to hear from some of you! :-)
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