Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Okay, so I'm still not online at my grandparent's house... is supposed to be fast and reliable! grrr... It's annoying but I called them last night and apparently someone hacked their lines in the area and they are trying to get it back up as soon as possible... I would have tried it again this morning before I left, but I didn't want to get sucked back into the 'net right before I had to leave. :-P Could have been detrimental to my job....

Although, I've been here since 7:50 and Nancy has yet to contact me about what the next step is with this project. Luckily, after the next couple days, I think I'll be all set to deal with problems on my own and I can finally work at my own pace(which is much faster than her's...).

I think that the reality of this whole "regular" job thing is finally setting in, it's like the last couple days it didn't seem quite real or something. The other cool thing is that the drive down here takes exactly the time of a CD. Well, other than a full broadway show, 'cuz those are much longer.... but a normal CD is around 45 minutes long and that's about how long it takes me... this morning the last track of my Savage Garden Affirmation CD was just ending as I parked. It was very nice. :-) Although, if the CD ends early, I listen to the radio, which is decent. There are so many stations around here that there is always something good on. I should figure out how to program some of the presets on the radio so I don't have to SEEK all the time. :-P

This is becoming a very long entry... I think... it's rather difficult to stop writing when you don't really have anything else to do and your co-worker/office-mate thinks that you are doing work because you are typing really fast and looking intensely at what you are doing... but I should probably stop now... maybe I will take that quiz from yesterday... :-P maybe.
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