Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Speaking of which....

I guess I should meantion what I did last night. After dinner(i.e. about 5:30pm) I went over to my Aunt Carol's house to fix her printer. It was having fits at her... so I cleaned the heads and aligned the jets and all that jazz and all was well. Then I showed her how to put things in her favorites(Man, I had forgotten how evil AOL really is...) and how to cut and paste and I put a short-cut to Solitare on her desktop! She says she will never get any work done now. :-P

And then we watched the Devils game. Kristy(my cousin, Carol's daughter) got tickets!!!! so we were 'watching for her' whenever they showed the stands. By the time we tuned in, the score was already tied at 1-1. The fastest scoring in a play-off game(or so they say). It was also the highest scoring play-off game. (more info here) And this means that if the Devil's win on Saturday, they've got the cup. And it just figures that the game is on Saturday night when I will be seeing DVN play in Watchung, NJ. D'oh! I can't choose between HOCKEY and A CAPELLA! But the choice has already been made since I've already reserved my ticket for DVN. Good enough... besides, I don't think my grandparents would want to watch the hockey, so I'd be stuck in the basement watching.
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