February 16th, 2002


First Women's Hockey Game!

Wow! The Ladies Tigers are awesome! They played Manhattanville this evening(or rather, yesterday....). Score was tied 2-2 in OT. Very exciting... we decided that they are very good... considering that they don't do recruting or anything... all the girls are here to get an education! Can you imagine!??! Considering the score of the RIT v Neuman game last week was 24-0 I haven't seen an actual hockey game with even sides in a while... It was exciting...

And after the game, Matt, Theresa, Dan, Heather & I went to Ben and Jerry's ... I had a waffle cone with "Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz"... very good! Then we swung by the SLC to see if Jones and Cindi and "the gang" or whatever was still playing VolleyBall... we didn't see them, but we ran into Ron! So then we followed Ron back to his place to see if anyone left him a message on his machine. Ron wasn't sure if he could check it remotely or not... :-P There wasn't any message... but Ron called Jones to see if there was anyone there... and Bob & Lindsay were there! They invited us over to watch some DVDs ... so off we were to Colony.

We got there... and Bob wouldn't let us in because we didn't know the password... Just Kidding! So, we went in, took our shoes off(yea!)... and made ourselves comfortable... and at Lindsay's request, we popped in the video of MSND(midsummer nights dream..) Which was very cool... and funny... I even knew some of the people that were(apparently) in it... so that was nifty! Anyway... then we watched some olympic hockey(coolness..) then Lindsay was flipping and came to the SG channel, and we watched the middle and the end of "American Pie 2"... it was funny! I think that is one of those movies that you have to be with the right people and in the right mood so that you can find it funny... well, everything was perfect tonight...

And then we(Jones, Cindi, Heather & I) played Mario Cart on N64, and they(Ron, Bob, & Dan) played some weird card game that would have fried my brain.. it looked interesting though! I don't remember the name... Dan, you could post about it, right? I know you'll read this! :-) And that leads pretty much up to now... which means that it is time for me to go to bed... the ELMIRA GAME IS TOMORROW!!! WHHOOO-HHOOOO!!!! :-D
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