March 11th, 2002



I'm finally back on line!!! Very cool... and I've got tons, and tons and tons of files all queued up to download while I'm sleeping... no class 'til 2pm tomorrow!... I mean, today.. :-P Well, I better get some sleep... :-)
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Holy Crap.

Actually, I said "Jesus Christ". Maybe I should clarify... I was getting my books today from Campus Connections(the bookstore) and my Computer Concepts class has two books. "How a Computer Works" which will be evil enough because the picture on the front of the book is of a computer with cut-out sections and the monitor is displaying the welcome screen from *shutter* A *shutter* O *shutter* L *shutter*... can you get any more evil?? The second book for Comp. Con. is the reason for my outburst quoted at the beginning of this entry... "The Hardware Bible". It is 2 and a fourth inches thick and 1416 pages long... and it weighs about 5 pounds. No. Wrong. Bad. This is not good... I hope I don't have to carry this thing to every class... :-/ I'll find out this afternoon. Oh, but my Philosophy books make up for it... 3 of them, but they are all about a fourth of an inch thick. Very nice. :-) But my wrist hurts now... :-(
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My new, new favourite game...

Picturnary(I can't even freakin' spell it!) is my new favourite game... provided that I have the winning combination of players! That would be Jackie, Paul, Dan & I... and I don't even think any of us even think we can draw...(yeah, did that make sense?)! We seriously kicked some major 4$$ this evening @ Borders... :-) Borders... yea! What would Monday be without it? My Monday's seriously ROCK this quarter! No class 'til 2pm, and then class from 4-5:20(with cute Prof. Stone!)... and then to Borders @ 9! Very cool! Yea! ... but an 8am tomorrow.. so I'll have to wake up... bah. Oh well.. don't have to wake up on Wednesday! Yea! (oh, and apparently a two-door car is "Big".. :-P ).. hehehehehehehehehe.