March 21st, 2002


Things of the moment...

What is with people's obsession with drawing large pictures of penises on walls? Not only is it disturbing, but it is also VANDALISM!!! And this campus has a serious problem with that. Stop it. 'nuf said.

Also, I discovered today in Philosophy class that I am not afraid.

And I'm now downloading an obseen amount of Three Dog Night mp3. (I have their albums and tapes, but that's kinda hard to listen without my stereo, which is at home)
And I'm going to take a nap while I play those.....
Yeah... Nap time.
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    Three Dog Night - Black and White


I find it so amazing that a slight change in the temperature can cause a gray-windy-rainy-@*&#$(^@ing day into a wet-slightly-magical day. IT'S SNOWING!!!!! Yea!!!! :-)
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What is it about long lines of 1s and 0s that turns me on?


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    Three Dog Night - Good Feeling (1957)