March 31st, 2002


Happy Easter, Ya'll


Aren't they the cutest things ever? You know how they get to be all different colors like that? It's actually pretty cool. It doesn't hurt the chicks, because it's done before they begin to develop. To read more.. go to:

How do they DO that?
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Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, EASTER!

We had so many people at the Lutheran Service this morning, that we moved everyone and everything down to the Skalny Room... it was great! Although, with all those people, you'd think the singing would be louder than usual. hmmm... Strange. Lots of families and people from out of town. And also alumni and others from the Rochester area.... Very cool!

The only thing is, it doesn't feel like Easter. How ever un-orthodox this seems, I think it's because I haven't gone on an Easter Hunt yet! How awful is that? Does that mean it'll never feel like Easter again??
I hope not.
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I was downloading some hymns today, I guess I was feeling a bit religious... I wonder why... hehehe...
Anyway, I found this song accidentally. LD people: Anyone that sang with Ms. Hummel EVER, you will love this mp3 file. Download it, play it, memorize it, you know what to do. :-)
For The Beauty Of The Earth
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I just got a very official looking "Warning Message"(From Windows... with the little yellow triangle with the exclamation point)... it said:

"Your system may be vulnerable to Internet Attacks. It may be possible to break into your system and cause harmful damage. Download Internet Alert to protect your system now."

How appropriate, it went with a pop-up advertisement. That should seriously be illegal. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought I HAD to download the software... definately not good.... the other thing is, it definitely didn't really check, 'cuz I've got a firewall set up. They suck.
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