April 1st, 2002


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Yet another test is approching... wish me luck. I think I need it. Computer Concepts is an easy class... but the Prof was very non-descript about the test.

Here I am worrying, yet again. :-P


As usual, I got myself all worked up over nothing.
I was the first one done with the test after I had checked it over about 3 times.(a la Jen Good)... and then I finally turned it in with about 20 minutes left in the class period. The professor keeps calling it a 'period', I think he's stuck in High School... hehehe... Anyway, the only thing that tripped me up was.... wait. I shouldn't say 'cuz we were the first class to take it! hehhehe... You thought you could get it out of me, didn't you? :-P

It's Borders night! Yea!
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