April 24th, 2002


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For some reason I'm really tired. Worn out, really... I fell asleep a few times in Computer Concepts class... if Professor Stone couldn't keep my attention, something is definitely wrong. :-/ I need a good night of serious sleep. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and my neck hurts. Blah.. .I drank so much OJ today... I should go get more... It's a great palcebo... But, I don't know. Grrrr... what month is it? I"M NOT GETTING SICK!!!

I'm done complaining now.
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no cents.

I just came back from the corner store where I was comparing prices of orange juice.
Okay, same brand, same orange juice, different sizes.
A Quart(4 cups) is $1.09
Half a Gallon(8 Cups) is $3.76(or something close to that).

Now, half of 3.76 is 1.88 and twice 1.09 is 2.18. What exactly are they trying to pull here? I got 2 quarts. :-)
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