May 12th, 2002



RIT Hockey.... it's been over way too long... and I'm going to have to survive ALL OF THE SUMMER with out ANY hockey...
I've been catching parts of the NHL play offs.. and checking out AHL stuff online and in the paper... but now that the Devils and the Bears are out(my teams)... It's just not as interesting...

What brought on this post? I'm listening to hockey music. :-)
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oooh... I almost forgot!

I wrote this song walking to the RITSingers concert today.

**Sung to the tune of the Toys 'R' Us jingle**
I don't wanna go back,
I'm an RIT kid,
So many brick buildings that I can learn in.
From Bio-tech to Info. Tech,
There's art majors galore!
I don't wanna go back,
But, baby, if I did....
I wouldn't be an RIT kid.

I have a whole notebook of parodies someplace at home(and some of them are actually good.. unlike this one)...,.. I wonder what happend to that?
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