September 15th, 2002


Big mistake.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, search the word "love" on Morpheous.... I've got 5,524... no 5,531, no... Okay, I can't finish this entry if I actually put down the number I've gotten 'cuz it's still not done. This is discussing. :-P
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What's up with me?

Why in the world don't I post as often as I did last year? Maybe 'cuz we've got a TV. That could be it. Or maybe I just expect that someone else is going to beat me too it, so I stopped bothering.... well, that doesn't make any sense. Blah...

So now I'll write about this past weekend. On Friday I bought 60 dollars worth of groceries. Whoa. Then I made dinner for my roommates. It was awesome, if I do say so myself. Very yummy, and we watched Waking Ned Devine. Very good, funny movie.
Saturday I did homework. And then at night we had an official movie night and ordered Chinese food. Let me tell you, that was the best movie and the best Chinese food I'd seen/had in a while. Maybe it was just 'cuz it took so long to get everything together. Blah. We watched a DVD, but we don't have a DVD Player, so we decided that it would be "easy" to hook my computer up to the TV.... it was, but getting it to play, was another thing. Ryan and Dan(with a bit of my help) got it to work and we watched A Fish Called Wanda.... and then watched some classic Simpsons episodes. All in all a fun night.
Today we postered for the first RITSMA meeting.... We are hoping for a big turn out. And then I went to Church tonight, which I'm really liking... we actually get to talk after the service, the food helps too. It's fun. Sounds like we're going to actually try to do some stuff as a congregation this year. yea!
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