October 30th, 2002


other important things....

I didn't get to meantion this in my post last night, mostly because I'd forgotten, but also because I was a bit crazy last night....
We voted on Proposals for a Winter show at the Players meeting last night and we will be doing "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead"! (I'm sure Cindi will correct my spelling on that...)... but it sounds really cool, and that there will be lots to do... hopefully I'll be able to be more involved in Players next quarter...

Also, check out the poster for The American Dream, it's hanging up in the SAU now! :-)
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An Ode to Elga....(to be better writen at a later date)

An Ode to Elga:

Elga's artistic ability is very grand,
She should do CD art for a band.

Her hatred for RIT is extremely high,
for a new room mate, she has left us dry.

She is still bitter against the v-ball coach,
... he really is a meanie-head roach!

We will be at a lack for "The Hot One",
but that's good 'cuz I won't have to see her talk her bum!

In front of the TV she sits a lot,
and she is always willing to reiterate the plot.

For the best movie she is always seeking,
We know when she plays Mafia she never is peeking!

Her red sports car is really the bomb,
but she says she gets pulled over more than her mom!

Elga's leaving us and I'm very sad,
But if she is happy in Virgina, I will be glad.

This Ode to Elga has now been read,
and if I hadn't written it, I'd be dead.

*finger snaps*
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*yea* for not failing!

This morning I was supposed to be working on my Data Comm. project, but I ended up taking a shower, tidying up my room(which NEEDED IT!!!), filling up my water bottles, eating breakfast, doing stuff for RITSMA(quarterly report is finally finished!!), and... after I did all of those things...
I finally got around to doing my Data Comm. project... and finishing it... and then making it better than it already was! *yea* I've got it all submitted and done.. this is good.... I checked all of the requirements, and I believe I hit everything I needed to for an A quality program... I really like it and I learned a lot about Hamming Code as I was writing the program... I actually got some major satisfaction from finishing it... *yea* Now I just have to worry about IDM projects(2 to go.. one due on Sunday!) and my Data Comm paper, which I should also start this weekend... and at work tomorrow I can get all ready for my 3rd quiz in Data Analysis(probably my 'favourite' class by the reasoning that there is next to no work to do for it...)..that will be all good.

For lunch today, I had a baked potato with cheese and soy-based bacon-bits plus I had a lovely stick of celery.. yummy... And now I'm in IDM class... learning how to make space invaders(the game).... *yea*... and now I think I'm back in the LJ groove, so to speak... so I think I'll be posting a lot more... if only to get out some stress typing random ideas that pop into my brain....

Some times I scare myself more than pumpkingod scares me. :-P