November 15th, 2002



Well, that was fun... We had a Mafia-Slash-Say-Goodbye-To-Elga party last night. I'd never played Mafia like that before! It was great! I feel sorry for everyone that left before the last round, 'cuz that was AWESOME! Elga and Jason were the main Mafia leaders... they killed off one of their own(Sarah?) at the beginning and that totally confused EVERYONE! And then at the very end it was Elga, Jason, Heather, and The Other Guy(His name started with a J? I remembered it last night...)... anyway, so Elga and Jason were very convincing and Heather was extremely confused, but the funny thing was that no one knew her very well(or me either...) so they kept coming up with all these strategies of figuring her out... apparently Heather has shifty-eyes.. :-P It was crazy-fun and I'm wishing we had done this earlier in the quarter so we could do it again before Elga leaves.. but that's not going to happen.. :-( I'll probably never play Mafia again let alone see these people.... blah... Although, I knew some of them half-way, 'cuz I'd see them in the Interfaith Center or around after screenings(apparently).... and, yet again, another SUCCESSFUL party thrown by the residents of this apartment! *yea*
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Okay, I"m sure I'm going to write about the movie after I get back, but I'm just so excited that I have to post now! We're going to the 10:45 showing, but I don't know how I'm going to make it 'til then!! I'm crazy-excited! :-)
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