December 20th, 2002



Very good.... especially for a movie without a beginning or an end! They did a great job with TreeBeard and the like... and Gollum was especially impressive... makes him less hate-able and more understood... and, Matt, you'd be proud of me... I noticed how cool the score is... it fits the movie very well... :-) Now I just need to go and see it again... so I can see the credits... stinking tired people... :-P

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My phone interview went well, I'll post more about it later... sounds really exciting.. .but now it is time for me to pack up my computer and head on out! Catch ya'll on the flip side! :-)

home, sweet, home....

Well, I made it in one piece... and my stuff all fit in the car(well, big-gigantic-van thing)... We watched a movie called The Hudsucker Proxy in the van... they have a decent sized TV and a VCR... very strange... I felt like I was on some bizarre school field trip with my Poinsettia. :-P
I got home just in time to catch the tail end of dinner.. I haven't had a casserole in such a long time! Yummy! And so far everyone has been fighting for my attention... except for Aunt Karin, who is just patiently waiting her turn... *yea* for her... nothing else exciting so far...
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