January 28th, 2003


Here we go

Well, I'll post about the first Dress Rehearsal that we had last night (don't ask about the weekend... the Hockey games sucked.)
So, the first "Dress Rehearsal" I use the term loosely. First of all, "dress" was not so for all the actors... some still do not have costumes... but hopefully tonight(this sediment was used frequently last night... Hopefully tomorrow... hopefully by Thursday...). Also, all props had not been obtained(which no one knew) and some are broken. Plus, the set is not finished. How can you have a dress rehearsal without all of these things? You can't. Plus, it doesn't help that the play went something like this: the beginning to page 4, then to page 15, then to page 30, then to page 10, then to after the intermission(in act 2) then to before intermission... let's just say many were very very very confused. Okay. Now, you may be wondering WTF? How could it be that screwed up? I'll let you know. The entire show is carried by the 2 main characters, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They never leave the stage. If they mess up their lines, everyone just has to follow... now, the play is not exactly one event after another in a logical fashion easy to memorize, so I'll give them a break... well, I would if there was time.. but there isn't so everyone is a bit on edge. And when I say "a bit on edge" I mean Heather(Stage Manager) and Nichole(Director) are going to break people. That could be bad. And on top of that, I'm trying to figure out why something about the show was bugging me.... and then Heather helped me realize that it was because Heather(stage manager) is stationed in the booth for the entire show!!! Why would the stage manager be in the booth while the tech director(Lucas) is back stage!??!?!? WTF??? Now, I'm not going to ask, because it's just to damned confusing and I like not having my neck broken... but it just makes me realize how much we took for granted in H.S. Our shows kicked major butt... completely organized and this is just a big mess. I hope tonight goes a bit differently. Like, minus the suckiness. *crosses fingers*
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