February 11th, 2003



Okay, it's -5 degrees outside, and supposedly it feels like -16. Great. This is going to be a fun day.
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Too bad no one will enjoy it. :-P

I tried this quize about, 6 times... and the first 5 times I got:

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

But then I finally got something different, and ended up with:
You Suck ^-^
-Bad- You're the exact opposite of what any guy
wants or needs, unless he happens to need a
quick lay. You're cruel. You toy with people.
You're probably a bitch, and i don't think i'd
like you if i met you. Oh go screw a random
male already.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I really wish they'd put up the listing of possible answers... Grrr.

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Oh yes...

So my brother's appendix is no longer with him. He sounds like crap, but he just had the surgery yesterday around 4pm, so that's expected. He had a camera through his belly button and they had to make 2 other incisions, but probably nothing that will leave a scar. And I was all worried!
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