February 12th, 2003


Weird things I did tonight:

1) Randomly went to Denny's
2) Was the only one to have dessert
3) Drank 4-5 cups of coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
4) Ate a dill pickle slice and freaked everyone out by dipping it in my chocolate sause first.
5) Hung out with my Players friends for the first time in a LONG time...
6) Said F*** in Denny's... loudly
7) Haven't gone to bed yet... think that has anything to do with #3?
8) Typing this all in the dark after I've already "gone to bed"
9) Realized that I have 50 away messages saved(is there a limit?) and I don't use them.
10) Counted how many away messages I have saved
11) Tried to find how if there is a limit
12) Realized that I don't really use bookmarks or favourites, I mostly just re-type URLs and (sometimes!) utilize the pop-up fill-in fuction of most browsers. Sad.
14) Felt the need to skip the unlucky number of 13
15) Typing numbers in the dark is difficult
16) Finding myself unable to end this list
17) Told people that going to a hockey game would be of higher priorty than getting laid.
18) Reneged on #17, but only if they were hot and only going to be around this weekend.
19) Realized that I would never say stuff like that to my other groups of friends
20) Realized that that is kinda sad.
21) I need some thing/one to do.
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