February 21st, 2003



I love WinAmp. I just discovered that if you use your rollerbutton on your mouse when the cursor is over any part of winamp, it will control the volume. \/\/007! *yea* for laziness! :0)
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    Dissipated Eight - All I Want Is To Feel This Way

This Week:

Saturday: Musicicanship test(12:20)
Sunday: CB Concert(3pm), Church(6pm)
Monday: IFC food in SAU(10am), Database final(10:15am), Borders(9pm)
Tuesday: Meeting with Merry Waters(11am)
Wednesday: RITSMA Dinner(6:15pm)
Thursday: Am. Politics Final(2:45pm)
Friday: HOCKEY GAME!(puck @ 7)

The Question is, when is the best time to work during this week? I'm leaning towards Tuesday and maybe Wednesday. I think Tuesday would work the best because it would be stupid to come on campus for a 5 minute meeting with Merry. I think I'll tell Ellen that I'll be in on Tuesday. I keep telling myself that I'll have plenty of time to practice for my musican ship test after Sunday, but then I have to remind myself that the test is on TOMORROW! oh my.
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