February 23rd, 2003



Where'd it go? Musicianship test this morning.... went well... I've got a solid B(b+ if they existed) in the class, which is great. I can't wait 'til next quarter to have more classes with Ed... I feel like I wrote this before... *checks* so I did.... anyway, I was very restless this afternoon/evening... I think it started with me not being able to pick one song to listen to for more than 30 seconds... and then I was cleaning my room, but that didn't get to far... called the family,... that didn't help much either. :-P I was practing for church tomorrow, too(I'm playing the hymns, hopefully) and then I went to see Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at Movies 10 with Cindi, Ed, Eugene, and Heather. That was fun... made a few discoveries while watching... Lucius Malfoy does begin to say the Killing Curse towards either Harry or Dobby at the very end part... I really don't like how they added some stuff that wasn't in the book... not that really changes my opinion of the movie much, I still love it... but why add stuff if you are leaving perfectly good stuff out!?!? Whatever... and there was much cheese-ooze-age going on at the end... gah... I never realized how bad it is.. Oh well.... after that, we(Cindi, Heather and I) came back to the Apt. and played Hear Me Out with Daniel and Sarah... love that game! Although, I have to say, it's not as much fun when I'm not kicking ass. :-) hehehe... tired now... bed!
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God Awful Dream

Okay, so I dreamt that I guess I was at my grandparents house which was functioning more like a Hotel... and Matt and Theresa were there because there was going to be an away hockey game near by(In Jersey, go figure) and I had a laptop that had wireless internet access. I also had the use of my parents car, which looked a lot like mountainheather's but I got to use it a lot, I don't know where I went, but I was always getting in and out of it. Then I guess my parents said my grandfather could use it and everyone knew he was going to use it. Then the next time I saw it, the car was completely dirty... such that you couldn't tell that it was smashed in and dented in numerous places. Here's where the awful part came in, I confronted my grandfather and he denied the entire thing. He said he never used the car, nor had he ever seen it before(This was right after he had gotten out of it!!).... well this made my furious! I was screaming at him and he got all scared like a little child... it was as if he actually didn't know who I was or what he had done. And I was feeling the car, there were large ripple-y dents on the top of the sides... and we couldn't figure out how it had happened. My dad came down and told me to calm down, that he would take care of it; I really didn't think he could yell at his father, but I left anyway. Then I realized had to use the car that night, anyway! I wanted to get everyone (all my friends that were there for the hockey game, my family, and other people) together to see LotR because they were showing FotR and TTT back to back for the price of one movie at the local theater.... The only way I could contact everyone was through AIM, but then my dad told me he had to make a phone call, so I had to get off the line(But I was on wireless! Screwed up dream...)..... I ended up getting in contact with everyone, but we didn't know what showing to go to, and no one could make a decision. And thwack had a long drive a head of him if he wanted to come, so he left for where we were, but then we couldn't contact him and that was upsetting. So I was waiting for him in the parking lot next to my parents wrecked car. And then my mom came and told me that it wasn't a good idea to see a 6 hour movie in the movie theater because everyone would want to not go to the bathroom 'til the whole thing was over and they would all rupture their bladders. I told her that we are not that stupid and that we would go anyway, but she didn't want to go anymore. That made me sad because she hasn't seen them yet and I wanted her, too(I don't know if that's true or not... probably is). And then it gets to fuzzy to recall.
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