March 26th, 2003



Wow... I had one screwed up dream. I got married to Amanda(sorry Cindi!), my friend from home and we had to crawl around every place... except we could skip and crawl at the same time, it was pretty cool. We didn't really get married, it was pretend and then I was staying with some people that I knew, but we had to go soon and I didn't know who I was supposed to go with. Then I drove from the apartment to S-Lot(which didn't look like S-Lot and was near a park and a library)... but the car(mine?) didn't have auto matic steering and was really hard to control, but I could park very well..... that's all I remember.


I am so busy I expect my head to just explode(or implode, if you prefer) any day now...
Except, at the same time, I feel GREAT! I would immensely enjoy having a break and getting a chance to relax a weekend, but I don't see that happening in the near future. I do let myself watch the occasional movie with the room mates(per last night), but at this point, I really need to work on my CSS UNIX tutorial website... it's due in a week and a half!! GEEZ-US... time flies when you.... when you are... just alive, for the most part. I was thinking that I could help with the Perlman concert this weekend, but then, that might not be possible. Maybe just for the beginning or the end or whenever we need people. Gah. Why do I pick all the classes with the crazy-insane-projects to take at the same time?
Okay, so I should really be doing something productive... like... AHH! Folding my laundry. d'oh.
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