April 15th, 2003


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I woke up feeling crappy, my throat hurts and I just felt in general... yuck. Well, after showering and such I checked the weather.com... and lo and behold! It is 65 degrees with a high of 80! It is the most beautiful day in the world outside! :-) Too bad most of my day will be spent in the basement of the SAU. blah. But, I do feel a bit better after seeing the wonderful day, so that is a plus. I did have a weird dream last night, but I don't care to try and explain or remember. Plus I feel like I don't have time... must go make my lunch and eat some breakfast. :-) Have a wonderful day everyone! :-D
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    University of Michigan Dicks and Janes - Strong Enough(to be my man)

More Wonderfulness

Things that make today Wonderful:
1) The weather
2) Not failing my Musical Theater quiz, and actually doing well on it.
3) Seeing Scott grilling stuff.
4) Eating free lunch provided by SG
5) Walking around aimlessly and talking to friends
6) Seeing Fetzer and Gary talking.
7) Talking to Dave C. about music and stuff in general
8) Matt telling me that he's getting a HAIR CUT!!! Praise the LORD! :-D
9) Ed letting us out of Theory class an HOUR EARLY! dude.
10) The Pasta Dinner tonight.. more free food!
11) Hearing Eight Beat Measure in Java Wally's at 7pm tonight.
12) Players meeting....
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    ** 1. Idina Menzel - Minuet