May 10th, 2003


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Rode my bike today *yea*. I haven't done that in a while, mostly for fear that it will start raining as soon as I leave.... but today, the forecast was clear, so I went for it.

Went to hear "Absinthe"(formerly "Five Mile Line", formerly "Something Different") play at Karen's Walk. That was nifty... I'm going to miss watching Jones play his fiddle... and Sarge can really wail on a drum set! Woo! I also really like the way they fit the harp into their songs. So that was cool... I was standing there by myself listening and I was thinking, "It would be so cool if Scott showed up behind me and put his arm around me." And within the next 5 minutes he was saying hi to me, granted he didn't put his arm around me, but maybe next time my telepathy will be stronger. :-P After the show was over(they ended on Devil Went Down To Georgia!), I hustled Sarge for $20 to pay for his roses. He had it, so I didn't have to rough him up or anything... next thing I knew Scott had taken off... whatever. So I biked over to H-Lot to the art show(Weirdest thing Biking through a traffic circle). Saw Beth there, talked with her for a while, and then headed over to the SAU... to see if the Human Chess thing was going on or whatever. And apparently some places had advertised the wrong time... It didn't start 'til 3pm.... so I was going to walk around, check stuff out, whatever, so I walked towards the dorms... ended up seeing animator Ed on the Q-mile, chatted with him for a while and then who was coming the other way, but Scott! :-) So, from then on, I pretty much just followed him around. Oz and Chris were trying to get Scott to participate in the Chess thing, and they wanted him to sign up and make it all official.. it was funny... they were using peer-pressure... but it wasn't working. It was amusing... we walked around the SAU, checked out who was doing what... not much of a crowd at this point... so then we ended up outside again, and Scott coerced Mike D. and Andrew into giving us a ride on the Golf Cart over to H-Lot... good ride...Mike D. is hilarious... I never realized that before... he was going to run over some little kids.. Andrew convinced him not to. :-P So we talked to Jared and the other parking services kid(WHAT THE HELL IS HIS NAME!?!??!?!? ) for a while, 'til the p.s. guy had to go over to the Ice Rink to help out with The Roots guys... we walked back with him. Scott ended up getting a Cranberry Grape dole drink(why do I know these things?) out of the machine and we sat in the SAU for a while waiting for the Chess game to get underway. We sat on one of the couches chatting for a while... a couple of times I just wanted to touch him... something, anything... but I stopped myself.. maybe a bad decision? but really don't know how he'd react, and at this point I don't want to wreck my day-dreams. :-P

At three we went over to the SAU Caf. and I was a pawn and Scott was a Rook on the Student side of the Human Chess game.... I moved one square forward at the beginning of the game, Scott didn't move at all...but he did get to protect the King most of the game. Sat down about 15 minutes into the game... got boring... but there were little kids on the administration team... I don't know why.. their queen was having her 8th birthday today! She got really upset when we captured her. :-P All in all, a fun game, especially since we won. :-D After that, hung out in the SG office for a little while with Scott and then I jetted out of there... didn't really say good-bye.. that kinda bugged me... on the way out I saw Tonic(matt m.) and Eugene! Very cool.... hadn't seen Eugene in a long time... I think I took him by surprise 'cuz I was really excited to see him. :-P

And then I biked home... I love coming home through campus... down hill the whole way, baby. :-)
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distractions... do not exist.
the thought of not thinking of you
makes me

thoughts of you run through my brain
I close my eyes
and it is only you I see

Nothing else would bother me
except leaving you

but I did... and I did

I can not say what I want to say.
I want to say that I love you.
But is that too strong?
Is it true?
It feels true...
I feel torn apart...

And my heart
is beating only
to see you
another day.