June 7th, 2003


(no subject)

Woo-hoo! LJ Client! How I missed thee....

Well, after much struggle, I found out that my account hadn't been created correctly. Gah. So, now I'm on and dial-up is SLOW. But I'll deal. And my computer keeps blue screening when I turn it on... I haven't figured out why, yet, but I'd like to fix that problem before I install my new Harddrive (I got an 80GB WesternDigital for $60. :-D ).

And now AIM is giving me fits... my buddy list is unavailable. I still don't understand how that is possible. I'd load a saved version, but I don't remember the last time that I saved it, so that might overwrite "recent" changes that I've made.

And I think my computer with this connection is going to take 5 hours to download 45 e-mails. bah. On the plus side, my lj friends page just loaded. *yea*