September 12th, 2003


Let's see...

Well, I successfully avoided all forms of media yesterday. *yea* me!

It looks like I've done it again. I have this awful habit of being ready to leave way to early, and then thinking, "I should use the next 40 minutes to do something productive!" and then not being able to think of ANYTHING! D'oh! Well, it's also early in the quarter, so it's not like there is bunch loads of work or anything... but I do have a bit of a to-do list:

~ Read for "That Streaming Media Class"
~ Read for Astro-nomy
~ Put together my Star Wars and Duct Tape posters
~ Hang posters
~ work on arranging Star Spangled Banner
~ Think about getting prescriptions from CVS
~ Find a suitable card
~ Finishing turning in my minor auth. forms (*yea* for Music minor!)
~ Bug Ellen for a work schedule
~ Make copies for Encore

I think that's it! Is it possible? I should start reading my book again... and I should figure out how I can get the Douglas Adams books from Eugene. I'm also tempted to just sit by the mailbox 'til my packages come. I ordered my book for Programming for Digital Media from 'cuz it was cheaper than the bookstore and I didn't have to pay for shipping. Plus, I ordered a wireless keyboard/mouse set for WAY cheaper than the price that I said "I'll get one if it's below this price". So, it just has to get here... and I'm bursting with anticipation. 'Cuz once it's here, I can rearrange my desk so that (hopefully) it will not fill with clutter so easily(like it is filled right now. I want to put my tower on the shelf under the desk and then I can have my printer where-ever 'cuz the cable will reach then without having to get an extension for a parallel. And I can put my monitor where-ever and hang out on my bed. I've gotten myself all excited again. :-) Okay, I succeeded in taking up 20 minutes. *yea*
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Random Surprise Party + Random people + Randomly knowing people + Randomly driving back a new way + Randomly seeing Fireworks on RITs campus = RANDOM NIGHT! :-D

don't ask questions, 'cuz you won't get a straight answer.. :-P
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