October 26th, 2003


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So, I have a new color scheme, and I really like it. A lot. Considering how long I've had this thing, I'm surprised I haven't done it before. But I couldn't figure out how to get the headings and subject lines to be the same font as the rest of my text. If anyone has any ideas, let me know....

01234556789! :-D

-- EDIT --
DAMMIT! It's not picking up on the CSS at ALL! I thought this font didn't look like Georgia! GRRR!


Well, I finally got my font to work... Thanks, thwack... but I can't get it to change it over to a 10pt font... Oh, well, I think I spent enough time on it today. :-P


Now, it is perfect. Even found a mood icon set to match. :-)

*yea* Now I'm finished. :-)
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