November 11th, 2003


Feeling better

I am feeling SO much better compared to yesterday. I actually skipped my last yoga class, because I was just full of pain. Definitely was feeling some carpal-tunnel-type-pain in my left wrist. Tomorrow I'm going to Wal*Mart to get a new brace for my right wrist and another brace for my left wrist. I can't risk it getting worse.

In other news, I think my weird headache yesterday was my body telling me to GET SOME EFFING SLEEP! So I did. Advil + 2 hours of sleep + soup and grilled cheese + 9 more hours of sleep = FEELING BETTER!! *yea*

Well, today is my last Tuesday: my last regular Psych test, my last day of working 4-8, last Players meeting of the quarter(ICE CREAM?!?!), and the last Tuesday Encore rehearsal. Hopefully I'll get a bit of work done when I'm home between Psych and work. Like programming. I need to ask him about changing the size of the counter today in class, and I still want to integrate the animation ideas into my game... plus SOMETHING has to be done about my crappy-ass shader. Oh, well, it will happen. Loads of time this weekend... I think. Yeah.