January 28th, 2004


Haven't posted in a while...

So, I haven't posted a "real" post in a while. Turns out what I thought might have been the beginnings of a sty was really an allergic reaction to some medicine that I got near my eye accidentally. It doesn't hurt/itch as much, and was very similar feeling to the itch on my neck. Which makes sense. So mystery solve.

Last night pumpkingod came over and we hung out. I haven't seen him in forever and it was good times. :-) It's funny, in the last 2 nights we've had company over and not played a game! Weirdness.

Just got back from work where I got A LOT of reading done. It's freezing out. It is possitively exhausting to walk through the weather. Just exhausting. I could go for a nap right about now, but I've got work to do. Blah. I'm actually debating whether or not I should go to rehersal tonight. Walking to and fro like this can not be good for my health. *sigh* So it goes.

Spring Schedule...

Rolled out of bed this morning. Tried to log in to sis via IE. No worky. Logged on with telnet. Got all my classes.

This is so much nicer than freshman year. :-P

0505-401-70 RIT SINGERS 1 R 700PM 850PM
0520-501-13 SENIOR SEMINAR 2 T 1200N 150PM
1111-010-01 DANCE/TAP 0 TR 1100AM 1150AM
4002-342-02 INTERNETWORKING LAB 4 MW 400PM 520PM
4002-342-42 LABORATORY 0 W 1200N 150PM
4002-460-70 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER 4 MW 600PM 750PM
4002-539-03 PROGRAMMING FOR WWW 4 TR 400PM 550PM

And voice lessons, which are one credit. :-)


Well, the schedule that I posted earlier has the potential to not matter at all. Because!

I have an interview on Friday at 3pm with Bosch Security Systems. It's a help desk job and I'm excited. I hope they like me. It's in Fairport, NY about 30 minutes from here so I could stay in the apartment... and I'm hoping that if they like me they'll keep me on for the summer.

This marks the second response to my latest resume spree. Go me! :-D