March 8th, 2004


Again, an away message turns into a to-do list:

To do when I wake up:
Get recorder out of car
Get Lip chap out of car
Take out cans/bottles
Call Lucent. :-D (left message at 11:03am, he returned my call at 11:26... )
Do more catching up with my computer
Figure out musical weekend/call 'rents
Figure out books/stuff.
Go to Registrar and hand in papers for Voice lessons
Check perscription status(was in mail today)

To do, not necessarily tomorrow:
Finish Cleaning Bathroom
Update resume
Apply for more co-ops
Finally set up/purchase web space
Burn CDs.
Eat leftovers.
Find out about hand tests
Balance Checkbook
Order textbooks

(no subject)

For some reason, I'm having trouble getting back into lj, aim, and the internet in general. I'm sure as soon as I have work to do, that will change. :-P