April 30th, 2004


Pretty Friday. :-)

Well, so far today has been good.

Tried to go to Professor Hill's office hours, but he had cancelled them for the day. Blah. I will either have to ask Jamie or Scott sometime this weekend or go to office hours on Monday morning. Then I stopped by the Student Services office and registered my co-op. The ladies in the office are so nice and accommodating. :-) Then I walked over to the co-op office to let them know that they keep sending me confirmations... and they aren't stopping. :-P I think we got everything fixed with that. Then I still had some time to kill before getting free food from SG, so I went to pick up Heather's PUB sweatshirt. Very easy. Nothing like last time I tried. :-P And then I still had time to kill so I went to the Bookstore and checked out the 50 cent books. Still nothing good.. What happened? There used to be stuff all the time! Oh well, got some cards, but they didn't have any cards other than Mom cards, so I need to go to Wegmans or CVS to get grandmother and aunt cards. By this time, they were definitely serving up the "Free Nosh" by the Tiger. Got in line with saywhatyouare, profound_saying, Cheri, and Codi. *yea* for A Cappella people! Took a good 20 minutes to get to the front of the line.. got hamburgers, hotdogs, CHEETOS, DORITOS, and ROOTBEER! *yea* Very happy. Went and sat at the tables in front of building 7. Rootbeer explodes if you carry it in your pocket. Just a word to the wise. :-P But good times. :-) Encore rehearsal in the Music room from 1-2. Could have gotten more done, but it was fun. And then I walked back with saywhatyouare. Now I'm going to go take a picture of the beer tree and go to the post office to get stamps and go to the store to get cards. Possibly going to get food. I don't know yet. No room in fridge for milk. Bah. :-/ Probably just get cards. My English skills have diminished to not-complete sentences. I should stop. :-P
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