May 15th, 2004


About Wednesday

Well, I guess I'll post a bit before I get down to PHP work.

Wednesday was the beginning of the end.

I had my final practical for Internetworking Lab lab at 10am, and I was done in half the already small amount of time that they gave us. I got the token ring activity and kicked it's butt around the lab. :-P Rock on! Around noon, I went to the mall to get a new dress for my recital. I am so silly going to the mall at lunch time, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. J.C. Penney's was having a dress sale and I almost ended up buying two. But I finally settled on one and I love it (and everyone says it looks awesome on me :-D ). I got a REAL wallet, too. I don't think I've had one since High School. It's kinda small, so it will take some getting used to, but I can fit it in the pocket of my shorts and it will fit in any of my purses, so that is good. Black leather, very classy. :-)

Back to campus for Internetworking class @ 4. I thought we would get to review for the final, but no. The last homework assignment got all screwed up because of some semantics issues (that WILL be fixed for the fall session, thanks) so we graded them during class and didn't get to do much of any reviewing for Monday's final. Blah. I still have to finish making up my cheat-sheet. Double-sided, oh, yeah. :-)

Last day of Tech Transfer. Professor talked for 5 minutes and handed out the final. 25 multiple choice questions. How much brain power could that possibly take? I'm not complaining, 'cuz I was done in about 10-15 minutes and was home by 6:30. :-)

Joint Encore/Surround Sound rehearsal @ 9.
Okay, I'm going to be honest. The major suckage has stopped. For the most part. But oh, man, we could use a joint rehearsal every night until commencement. Unfortunately, rehearsal only lasted 'til, like, 10:15. *sigh* We should have run every song at least one more time. Oh, well. I'm having mixed feelings about not being here in the fall now. On one hand, I'm going to miss being involved in a production like that, on the other hand, I'm kinda glad I won't be visibly associated with it.... especially if some serious improvement doesn't come around in the fall.

Aside from that, it was fun and as I said, it's really starting to come together. Only time shall tell. Must get tickets for flight from rochester to rochester as soon as possible. :-P
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About Thursday

Ahh... last day of tap. :-/ I shall miss Linda like crazy, she is such an amazing teacher. I'm hoping to get to the studio during finals week. *crosses fingers*

I didn't have much to do at work, and Cindi and Justin had lunch with me again. Hanging out in that office is great fun. And Ellen was at lunch until well after 2. I went and got my hair cut at Hair Techniques at 1:30 and it looks good, in that too-short way. :-P Which is good, though, because it will be at the PERFECT length for a longer amount of time.

Voice lesson at 2:30. Was awful. I blame the fact that Grady is sick. Although, how can I really blame that? I just didn't get the feed back that I was looking for from him. :-/ Lesson didn't even last 15 minutes. I sang through it twice and he pointed out that I've been singing a C instead of an E for 10 weeks. He hadn't noticed it before and the note is still in the chord, and I was singing the 4th that is in the song all over the place. *sigh* Did he expect me to be able to fix it? I really hope not. Again, he should have caught that before: his fault. It helps me a lot if I can sing it with the accompaniment, and luckily Grady can actually play my pieces.

Back to work. Then to PHP class -- (on the way, saw Anna in her pirate hat. :-D) pizza and then final. 50 multiple choice questions. Half an hour. *yea* Professor Vullo made me steal a pizza for Brie. I carried it home and then brought it to Master Class where everyone devoured it. :-P Against Grady's wishes. *shrug*

Master Class went better than lessons, but I was having trouble controlling Shirley. The whole song either dragged on forever and I didn't have enough breath or it turned into a runaway train.

Got home and practiced like mad. Couldn't stop. I think it got worse every time I went through it, too. :-/
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About Friday

The almost weekend.

Two BBQs. ITSO BBQ which was pretty lame, but I got to chat with a few people that I haven't talked to for a while. I don't know how those people (ITSO in general) end up being so unapproachable. I'll blame the technology factor. :-P

When I was done there, it was too early to go to the SG BBQ, so I wandered... check the NML to see if Cindi was in there, but it was dark and there was a class in there... and her cell was inactive, so I checked Heather's mail folder (nothing important, dear) and then headed outside. Ran in to Ryan Doherty... we sat on the grass for a little while and chatted. Haven't seen him in forever. *yea* for running into people! Strolled over to the Clark Gym Breezeway and found the NMF people. Button makers unite! They weren't set up yet, though, so I helped them move some stuff and then went wandering again. Lots of wandering, which would be why my skin is now more freckled than normal. :-) I got sun and I didn't get burnt! Anyway, I hung out with the NMFers for a while, got 4 more buttons for my bag. Ate more food at the SG BBQ, listened to WITR and danced around like a fool (oh, wait, I am a fool). Great fun. Then it was time to head back to the apt and cool off before getting changed for the recital.

Relaxing is always wonderful. Of course, the 15 minute time period when I wanted to be traversing to the music room was when the sky decided to open up and pour rain down upon the earth. and me. and I was really wet. Luckily Justin drove me over, but for the 45 seconds that I was outside, I got sopping wet. And this is why it was fortunate that I was early 'cuz I had plenty of time to dry off. Although, I wouldn't have had to dry off if I hadn't been so early.... ahh, well. Practiced again with Shirley -- so much more control, it was great. No worries.

The recital went off without a hitch (other than the intruders that I wanted to shoot in the head), and everyone sang wonderfully. I won't go into details of everyone's performance, mostly because words do not describe adequately. I have never sang that well before. I was shaking so badly afterwards, my chair kept creaking. :-P There was this insane amount of adrenaline running through my body. AHHh! So wonderful! My last recital. :-/ But it went so WELL! :-D (Cindi, I want those pictures!) Afterwards, I tagged along with Kodi, Jamie, Alex, Michael Ho, and belcantin('Tino) to Wendy's. More good times. :-) I love those guys. And lets not put five pounds of sour cream on a baked potato, shall we?

Cindi and Justin were at Senior Night and Daniel went Role Playing after he got back from Wegman's. Kristy got in a bit after 10 and then Cindi-Justin got back at 10:30. Justin is an alien, but we already knew that. :-P

And now I should really work on my PHP so that I can be FINISHED.

Encore/Surround Sound Concert

It was a complete disaster. OMG. The venue that we booked was crap-for-crap, the audience became bored and talked through all of the songs, and Brittney forgot the words and we kept vamping One Fine Day until our vocal chords wanted to snap. :-(

We had an intermission at which we tried to find a better audience. We also tried to clean out the theatre because it was full of construction supplies so no one could sit down (probably why they were talking instead of listening). All I wanted to do was sing my solo (to a song that I don't remember, but not one that we currently do) because I was sure that I could control the audience and really wow 'em, but someone (I don't remember who) thought it was a bad idea and that we should just ignore the fact that we were being ignored and keep singing.

There was also something about Sonic the Hedgehog ripping through every so often and knocking people over. I don't even think SS sang. They were too embarrassed, but they stood in a circle on the edge of the stage during our entire set. Very distracting in numerous ways. ;-P

Luckily that was only a dream. Let this be a lesson to you guys! Don't have a sucky concert! *worries*