June 8th, 2004


Summary of day:

~ Leave at 7am, arrive at 7:15
~ Leave at 7:30, arrive at 8. hmmmm...

~ Computer @ work, still has virus. poopbuckets.
~ found light switches.. *yea* for not dark!
~ second half of co-op orientation. I've gotta say, that's the least orientated I've ever been. Dumb. Still feel lost.
~ Got photo taken for official ID
~ Went back to cube. sat.
~ Did a lot of reading of stuff. Brain hurts. Why am I here?
~ Set up voicemail. Feel dumb repeating myself 5-bazillion times when everyone can here me messing up my own name. :-P
~ Read interesting stuff. Brain better.
~ Culver's for lunch with Pete (mentor) and Jeff (one-cube-down). *yea* Culvers!
~ Back. Picked up ID badge. Must find lanyard. You'd think they'd give us an IBM one... but no.
~ Man came and took computer. Bye-bye computer. Only 1:30pm.
~ Read the entire security document that no one ever uses. 2:30pm.
~ Borrowed Pete's Perl book. Didn't want to leave early. Read about regular expressions. Very confused. Never learned this! Ack! Feel inadequate and lost.
~ Daydreamed.
~ Read more. Left at 4:30. Full day.

Then I went to Best Buy and got the Internet! *yea* for Internet in a box that doesn't suck! Oh, and I checked out the bargain software rack. *grin*