August 21st, 2004



Well, Dad and Albert got here yesterday afternoon. Sqqwwweeeee! Lots of hugs! We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant across from the theatre. Note: if, upon entering a Chinese restaurant, you see NO CHINESE or even VAGUELY ASIAN looking people, turn around and leave. Save yourself. :-P It wasn't AWFUL, but it wasn't that great either. I've decided Trista(who was saying how wonderful it is) has no taste in food because she grew up here and has never lived anywhere else. Poor child.

Then we walked around downtown a little bit and found a really good pizza place where we might go tonight or tomorrow.for dinner. I've heard (from more reliable sources) that it was rated the best pizza in Rochester and we walked by the place 5 times to casually look at people's food. We should have pressed our noses up to the glass and knocked, it would have looked more casual. :-P

I dragged them along to rehearsal, which went 'til almost 10:30 'cuz we had to finish blocking the Snake dance. Let me tell you this is a real honest to goodness dance and some people can't admit when they suck. :-P Ah, well, we will learn it. We open a week from yesterday! woooo. ugh.

---- edit, wow, I must have been tired. I meant a month from yesterday, not a week.