February 15th, 2005


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"Everyday is Valentine's day because I love and appreciate everyone of you more everyday. I have the best friends in the world" - Lydia Graeff

Because I wish I'd wrote that myself..

In other news, that was possibly the worst night of sleep in a real bed ever. I will be happy when today is over.

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The group project from Hell is over! *yea*

Back to concentrating on the non-hellish papers/projects/exams.
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best. site. ever.

From Brie:

I am forced to post a good link, because I really haven't in a while, and apparently, this is one of the 2 things I'm good for, according to memeslayer

memeslayer (9:37:54 PM): (Although I may bother you again later, just for cheap thrills)
memeslayer(9:38:03 PM): (Or not. One never knows)
tenthz (9:38:05 PM): haha... glad I'm good for something.
memeslayer (9:38:15 PM): Don't be too happy. That's all you're good for. :-P
tenthz (9:38:33 PM): =-O
tenthz (9:38:48 PM): I'm sure I could find someone to disagree with you.
memeslayer (9:38:57 PM): I'm just kidding. You're also good for producing random links on LJ.
tenthz (9:39:19 PM): lol. thanks. :-D
memeslayer (9:39:23 PM): :-)
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My poetry class

Today Larry described writing poetry as being able to tap into an alternate reality filled with dark matter. Then he proceeded to equate poetry to prayer, drug usage, and making love.

Gosh, I'm going to miss this class.