March 3rd, 2005


Posting because I should...

Yesterday, I did a bunch more sorting and organizing, and getting rid of things. For some reason I had 7 pairs of sneakers. Mostly ones that had gigantic holes in them or other major broken-ness. Those got pitched. Also went through my dress shoes. Now they all fit into my shoe closet! Crazy.

I also managed to fit most of my stuff into my closet. Kitchen stuff, my stereo, Christmas decorations, all my collectable type stuff, books, etc, all in the closet. The doors even shut the whole way! woooooo! :-)

I also took Albert to his piano lesson, so I got to see Mrs. Claar and play with their cat Sneakers while Albert was having his lesson. Mom's meat and mashed potatoes for dinner! *yea*

Practiced with Barb (choir director) for Sunday. I think it'll go well, but I better run through it a few times before then. I need a sound booth. :-P And the piano here is still slightly out of tune. I think it's a bit sharp now. Silly things. Barb also said that she's going to have me chant the Psalm on Maundy Thursday! AWESOMENESS! And I'm going to sing the Pie Jesu(sp) Good Friday with Sarah Molatoris(sp) as a duet. We should see how that goes. Sarah's voice drives me crazy - she has no projection and she signs so thinly, I'll probably drown her out singing ppppp :-P Maybe I can give her a few pointers or something.

After that, drove through the drifting snow to Faith for the Wednesday Lent service. This week's sermon was about the Mouth of Christ (apparently last week was about the Feet and the week before was about the Head of Christ.... quite interesting). I really enjoyed the sermon. A lot. He talked about listening when praying instead of just talking. ("I know, sometimes I just can't shut up, but you've gotta try") It was really cool.....

And that's all I will bore you with for now. Lots of company and the musical this weekend! *yea*