March 10th, 2005



My job search has officially begun! I applied for 10+ jobs this evening alone! And I haven't covered my New England or NY monster searches. I'm also only 1/3 of the way through my searches and I haven't touched my searches on the gov't site I found.

Craziness. :-P

cleaning out my inbox... some fun websites just for YOU!

Give yourself an extreme (photo) make over!

Photojournalism Stuff

Going to fly soon? Check this site before you book.

Nascar Game

Predict the News!

Waitrose Food Illustrated

Listen to Audio from inside the White House and Airforce One!

Apply To Be On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Today!

Do reverse searches on phone numbers, area codes, street address and even e-mail!

FREE e-books for your PDA